October 20, 2010

Bridal Nails, Clara H. Daily

Brides and such.

I recently had a client tell me I’m like the Vera Wang of Bridal Nails :) I’m absolutely flattered. Well she and I have only one thing in common.

To make my brides the happiest girls in the world on their special day. Of course that, and the fact and our first and last names rhyme, and we both used to be figure skaters. haha

“It’s for all the women who embrace my aesthetic, but can’t afford a Vera Wang dress. If women can get anything out of it – a little bit of me or a lot of me, that’s what’s important.” -Vera Wang

Just like you put on a VW Bridal gown and feel like a princess, Bridal Nails from Clara H will always seal the package.

Your (Bridal) Nail Guru

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