March 22, 2011

Clara H. Daily

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Clara who loved nails. The sight, sound, smell of nail varnish excited her to the core. She then led her little dream of trying to do as many sets of nails she possibly can, placing the clouds, ribbons, flowers, unicorns trees.. ok you get the drift, on to fellow excited nail campers. The dream went on for 9 long years and lots and lots and lots of sets of beautiful nails till she one day finally decided she wanted to dress people, rather than ‘nail’ people.  She packed her new dreams, passion and a shitload of belongings into Singapore Post boxes and UP she flew off to Melbourne, where she now resides, living her dream and studying at one of the best design institutions in Australia.


What happened to the old dream you ask? Chucked? Neglected? Unloved?

One day, a little fairy living in pouffy pink clouds got sick of pointing wands and granting wishes, decided she needed to live a dream of her own. She then flapped her glittery sparkly wings and descended from the high heavens. As she ascended and got closer and closer to earth, more specifically in the vicinity of Bugis Junction and even more specifically unit 02-01, she realized there was a dream job she couldn’t fly away from. She then hung her wings up, stashed her fairy wand and fairy dust pouch away and put the delightful little bottles of nail polish out on display and her newly acquired skill and nail work for the world to see!

Since hanging up her wings, she has been booked up and highly sought after for her beautiful, cute yet minimalistic approach to primping nails. Even Ex-Fairies have style you know. Not like those unglamorous female gnomes around, overcharging, no sense of originality and basically are overall toolboxes (sorry just had to throw that in, new word in my ghetto vocabulary) ANYHOW. Here’s how to reach this awesome Ex-Fairy who can make your nail wishes come true with her brushes instead of a wand. :)

Okay FINE she cheated a little bit and took her fairy dust pouch for these little babies! Who’s gonna mind? ;)







A little word from the Fairy herself…

Sugar Candy Nail Couture started with the kawaii concept in mind. We wanted to bring out the child in every girl. Cupcakes, donuts, ice cream and candies are just some of the cutesy stuff we do. Then there are the bows, ribbons, hearts and lace. We wanted to break away from the usual flowers and blings. Let everyone know that when it comes to nail art, the sky is the limit! Thank you for giving Sugar Candy the chance to beautify your nails!

So if you’d like to get your nail dreams realized, there’s no one better than her to go to!



Click to enter her site for information and details and basically how to get to her!

Nail Guru says YES! And needs to get back to the real world where there’s HOMEWORK AND DUE DATES!! *blood draining from face*


Clara H

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