April 3, 2012

Clara H. Daily

The Japanese Just Do It Right.

Last week, I had a lovely dinner with my colleagues at Tsumiki. We visited this lovely Japanese cafe that was on the Swinburne campus in Hawthorn called Triceangle cafe. It was the same place that sponsored the food for our Tsumiki X Clara H Nails blogger event (I know i keep talking about it but never posted on it. Next post!) The food was lovely, very carefully prepared with a lot of attention to detail. The chef, who is a very traditional looking Japanese man (By traditional looking, i mean i can imagine him decked out in samurai outfit and looking the part) who was trained in French cuisine in France under a Michelin star awarded chef!

Despite all the glitz and glamour, awards and Michelin stars, he runs a humble little cafe that makes beautiful food. So Melburnians! Be sure to visit this lovely little place for a nice dinner date out with your friends or partner! You can visit his website here at http://www.triceangle.com.au/

Here are the pictures of the delicious food from Saturday night! Salivate away!!!


Corn Cappuccino. Really surprised me, wasn’t expecting corn in my cappuccino, or pepper on my milk froth. Nevertheless, YUM.


This was a duck foie croquette. Was very hungry at this point so taste wasn’t so important. Haha


This was a prawn and sea bream fillet dish. Prawn was a little bit overcooked in my opinion but what do I know! Flavors were very interesting in this one, chopped up broccoli, olives and capers nestled the prawn, was my favorite taste on the plate.


This was a sou vide chicken breast covered in crushed and powdered hazelnuts. The light tangy flavor from the grapefruit beurre blanc sauce balanced the entire dish out. Well I’m certainly not a chicken breast person. Have to pretty much force it down my throat if you really have to. But this was actually nice. I guess the sou vide helped keep the chicken tender and moist rather than dry and powdery like I know it to be. Like eating chalk paste, yuck. But this was pretty good.


The kid in me. Instead of appreciating a beautiful pinot noir, I ordered a calpico. In grape.


This one was interesting. It was a kangaroo ragout with home-made cacao fettuccine. The kangaroo was a tad too gamey for me. Definitely prefer beef.


This was my FAVORITE. I know it doesn’t look like a dessert, but boy, the taste was DELICIOUS. The base was a lentil shiruko (a japanese sweet soup usually made out of azuki, red beans) accompanied by tapioca matcha balls, home-made chocolate ice-cream and a topped off with sesame biscotti and random grape halves.


Yumm. Tonight, Pete made me prawn chilli beans, cheese, mashed up avocado and nachos for dinner. It was pretty epic. I’m terribly spoilt.

Next post, Tsumiki X Clara H Nails beauty bloggers event!


Clara H

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