July 26, 2012

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Tsumiki X Clara H Nails Nails for A Magazine Shoot Part 2

Hi all!! Long time no see! Goodness has it been 2 months already?! Time just flies and this space was severely neglected. I have been procrastinating on making some changes to the blog and over the last week i’ve finally sat my ass down and just got to doing it. My workload in school was SO full on thus my lacklustre life and contributing to the lack of posts :/ Also at the back of my procrastinating head i’m thinking who’s reading my blog??? (Then i check my stats and get emails from readers and realize hey there are people interested in seeing more stuff) PLUS it doesn’t help that there’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr the list doesn’t end.


Like I said, i’ve sat down and literally written a plan for my blog and how i’d like to develop it content-wise and it’ll be great if you, my awesome readers could comment or write in with suggestions what you’d like to see in this space! I have a few cool ideas of my own and i’m currently working on them and will post more details soon. Okay I shall potter along and leave you with the long-overdue video of me, doing nails in a photo shoot for a magazine as a collaboration with Tsumiki. I edited the video and I kinda like it!



Clara H

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