January 10, 2011

Clara H. Daily

Want you to make me feel like i’m the only girl in the world.

Recently a friend and I took a boat out to sea and we had some fun with my new DSLR. I was jumping and hopping around for some fun shots and ended up with these :) By the way, i love this summery top with pretty printed roses. So easy to wear and match, sorta like a Cath Kidston twist. It was a gift from my dear friend Karen (Renzze). Hehe I hope you enjoy the photos.







I had some thoughts about life in general lately, especially since the whole slate of events that has been happening to me, my life-changing course and meeting new people. It’s really important we appreciate every minute we have and spend it to the fullest no? Live life with no regrets, letting go of the unimportant/negative/trivial matters and being able to live life in a completely different, more optimistic perspective. I discovered lately that i’ve actually relaxed a lot over the years, not so uptight and not get unhappy so easily (which a lot of us girls are very capable of! nitpicking!). After all, happy people are attracted to happy people! Ok enough of my musings. Goodnight everyone :)


Clara H

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