February 22, 2011

Clara H. Daily

Please bear with me

Hi my beloved readers! I know I’ve disappeared for a while from the blogosphere. Yes i’ve officially landed in Melbourne and settled in at my apartment. I’ve been busy packing, unpacking, shifting, buying, building, cleaning, going to offices to do paperwork, getting bank account done, phone line done, and the one most important thing that’s not here is my IMAC!!!! Gah!! I have no idea where it is, i’ve sent the package out via air courier almost 2 weeks ago and still no sign of it. Hopefully it’ll arrive this week so i can do some ACTUAL blogging. I’ve taken so many pictures over my few days here. So much to show, so much so share!!!

I’ve just started my school orientation today and it was just great! I have attended local art schools and nothing compares to my current design institute. Seriously, Singapore has a lot to catch up in terms of the arts and culture scene. Even the simplest details of the school,- the pristine toilets impress the bejewels out of me. My school work studio resembles a New York soho loft with giant panel windows and huge airy spaces with unfinished cement flooring. Sweet. 🙂  I’m also the only Singaporean in the entire campus. Haha must do us proud hey? hehe 🙂

Do bear with me during this period of time as i get my tech stuff set up. Meanwhile i’ll see what i can do with my prepaid internet. :p

Stay cool


Clara H