May 20, 2014

Clara H. Daily

Ace gel nails at Clara H nails

Hi everyone! I recently received a nail supply loot from Japan, thanks to some friends of mine one of whom lives in Japan, and the other visiting and brought my stash back for me. Seriously,  sometimes I think I’m a hermit and I don’t have any friends (like seriously, who will care if I’m dead or alive) but times like that I realise I’m just a drama queen who spends too much time at home watching zombie movies (actually I have World War Z on as I’m writing this).

I managed to find this brand of gel that I’ve been coveting for the longest time, Ace Gel. It was a little complicated to get the order through since I had to prove I was a professional nailist and lived in Japan and yadda yadda but of course that was all sorted out.

Here it is..

ace gel copy

To folks who aren’t in the trade, this probably means nothing to you other than a few shiny pretty pink bottles. But for nail artists like me, this is like getting a triple orgasm and eating the most delicious warm fudge brownie with strawberries on top all at the same time.

There are numerous brands of Japanese made nail gels available on the market, Miss Mirage, Rapi Gel, Presto, I could go on and on. However Ace gel  is quite widely used mainly because it is fronted by one of the biggest and most influential nail suppliers in Japan, Nail Partner. Basically, they supply all the Japan Nailist Association approved brands for students and licensed technicians.

The great feature of Ace Gel (and also why its costly) is that it boasts no shrinkage and a highly pigmented and viscous formula. Not only that, it is very gentle on your natural nails and leaves little harm on your precious digits. On top of that, the colours are mixable, so if you have any technical knowledge of the colour wheel, you can create practically any colour across the spectrum.

You might ask, what’s the difference between Ace Gel and Shellac or Gelish? Ace is a soft gel, meaning it is a lot thicker and offers greater strength and flexibility much like an overlay, whereas  Shellac or Gelish are gel polishes, gel that apply like polish and dries under UV or led light.

I’ve tested this product on a few nail art samples and I’m so impressed with the results, I can’t wait till I do more with my new stash of Ace Gel. Meanwhile, Ace gel nails are available now at Clara H Nails!

xx Clara