August 14, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Fashion

Alannah Hill X Clara H Nails Collaboration And A Few Thoughts

It’s happened!!! A Clara H Nails Pop up nail bar is happening this weekend at the Alannah Hill Chapel street store!

When I first came to Australia, i’d dreamed of doing a collaboration with Australia designer Alannah Hill! Their girly aesthetic, pretty prints, crystals, pearls and ribbons would be something great to do on nails! Well I’ve never in my life thought that would ever happen but it has!! I’m grateful to know that with this collaboration, more people would actually sit up and pay more attention to specialized nail art. After all its being done to death in the UK (fashion labels X Nails), it’s time for Australia to catch on. I wish I knew more Australian nail artists committed to their craft, we could start a true revolution! Also, Singaporean labels and fashion houses!!! *Wink wink hint hint* Take pride in your local nail artists! There are so many talents in Singapore I can’t even begin.

I glad sticking to my guns and what i do best has truly paid off. When I first started off 11 years ago, I never thought of current fashion and nails ever co-existing. After all, all the 3d nail art and harajuku style nails weren’t ‘fashionable’? And then the scene started to evolve just as everything else has, with the entrance of fashion/beauty bloggers, and the obsession with street fashion, people are starting to look at nail art very differently. Thinking about it on hindsight, If i’d paid heed to my parents’ objection back in the day, i’d never have become a nail artist. If I never gotten disillusioned with the nail ‘scene’ in Singapore I would never have moved to Australia to pursue an entirely different path. If i’d never listened to my boyfriend and accepted his support to run my own business here in Melbourne, I would never have gone back into the nail industry.

Just a few months ago, I was very close to wanting to give up this business altogether. I was working in a different country with different clients wanting very different things. Plain ol’ polish and french tips JEBUS  O.O I was feeling very depressed and discouraged because I kept asking myself why I couldn’t replicate the success I had in Singapore? Why was it so hard to get people to pay attention to nail art? Why was it so hard to get clients?? I had rent to pay and expenses like everyone else and I didn’t want to keep relying on my boyfriend’s handouts just because this wasn’t working. And I was literally THAT close to throwing in the towel, getting a job and moving on from it.

What never struck me was that I was working alone, and NOBODY knew about me. I was operating my business based on the mentality I had back home. I didn’t have the same clients, I didn’t have the same successes, but I forgot I was in a different place altogether and how untapped this market is! The bad thing is having to start from scratch, having the patience to build new clientele etc but the fantastic thing was also that I could start from scratch! New people to impress, more people to reach out to, basically getting to do things differently all over again.

Basically long story cut short before I bore you to tears, I’m happy I’ve had such a supportive partner, a great salon with super supportive friends I work with and that I didn’t give up. Pushing on!

So here’s the EDM sent out to pretty much everyone on Alannah Hill’s mailing list. :O

It’s a small step but a significant one for me. Positivity and perseverance has paid off in little ways.

Ok and i’m back to nursing a cold i caught from EVERYONE which I THOUGHT I was immune from. Thankyouverymuchsothanksverymuchpleasesokindly.

Clara xx