June 3, 2014

Clara H. Daily

AW 14 Valentino Inspired nail art

One of my favourite die-hard regulars came in asking for AW 2014-2015 Valentino inspired nail art. I love doing her nails, she gives me great themes and free reign to work in whatever style I want, the results are usually great! As you can see from the collection photos below that the collection was ethereal, light translucent tulle with intricate embroidery, although I have to say I don’t know how I feel about olive green tulle. Kind of reminds me of that Project Runway all stars episode where this happened. Okay, okay, it’s not quite the same but still looks a little sea-weedy to me.Then again I’m feeling kind of disillusioned by what’s coming out on the runway these days. Nothing has been exciting me all that much, everything seems.. highly recycled. Borrowed styles and statements. Days of poring through trends and season after season of collections in fashion school probably contributed to that disillusionment.

valentino aw 14This are some images I screen grabbed off Style.com in case you’re too lazy to google what the collection looks like.

Nevertheless, here are the AW 14-15 Valentino inspired nail art I did.


IMG_8935 copy

I used a translucent black tinted gel base to, as closely as I can, illustrate the feel of the see through tulle and silks. The other details to emulate the embroidery in the collection.

So what do you think of the collection and the nails? 🙂

xx Clara