August 21, 2012

Clara H. Daily

Bad Ass Nails

Has it been a week already?? Jebus. Life has been ABSOLUTELY HECTIC and i’d really like to ask if there’s anyone with some serious time management tips because I need some!! It’s only been my third week back at school and i feel very much behind already. It doesn’t help that I have this idea in my head that I want everything to be done perfectly, a lesson I NEVER learn. However, doing nails still remain a strong source of stress relief and enjoyment for me. Knowing that there’s something that I’m rather adept at is very very comforting for me.

Couple of weeks back I did nails for lovely Valerie of Ponikuta with polish colors sponsored by the awesome Orly brand of nail varnishes. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an advertisement  (I have a personal dislike for paid posts, nothing in it is ever true just a bunch of bollocks most of the time really), they’ve just very nicely given some colors to Valerie to review and we’ve come up with this collaboration where I do artwork based on the latest colors given. I’ve always quite loved Orly, it’s a pity its always overshadowed by its largely more popular competitor OPI. Well strong marketing works that I can tell you! Orly to me, has always been the underdog. The polish pigments are beautiful, they dry fast and the bottles very easy to handle with the rubber coated caps and long slender brushes. I kid you not, I do think Orly in many ways is better than many brands out there and i’ve been using it in my business for many years.

Unfortunately since i’ve moved countries, i’ve sold my old stash and not managed to replenish stock here. I hope to do that soon.

Here are the photos of the bad ass nails I did, vampires, eyeballs, tribal and bones mash-up. I love.

Oh hi Val!

On other random updates, the Alannah Hill collaboration went swimmingly well even though it was pouring cats and dogs. On the same weekend I was at the Melbourne Uni open day fair doing nails which didn’t work out all too well because it was BALL FREEZING temperatures. And yes I was sitting out there with my mate, who was selling some super cute handmade accessories freezing our asses off. No one, not including me in the right mind would sit out there and do nails. Madness. My galpal on the other hand did very well selling heaps of her trinkets!! Nevertheless, I love events and would to have them coming! Pictures of the events coming to you soon in this space!

Tonight I made a pretty kick ass chicken curry which I probably ate too much of and now suffering the consequences of indigestion. I shall quit this mindless banter and retire to my room where i’ll think up of my next post. Till then~

Clara H xxxxxxx