January 5, 2011

Clara H. Daily

Best of 2010 at Clara H Nails and a Very Important Announcement

This is a set of photographs I’ve put together that best describes what 2010 has brought for me at Clara H Nails 🙂 I’ve done several cool events, done nails for some gorgeous female bloggers and fashionistas. I created the first Nail LookBook and had a lot of fun putting it together at the studio and seeing my readers’ responses has been swell as well as creating the Nail Mood Boards and several designs such as the Miu Miu and Signature Lace Tips that were regularly sought after at the salon. I’ve also bought myself a dslr at long last so I can start posting even more super awesome photos. 😀 I hope you enjoy the photos, at the bottom of this post is an announcement I have been both been excited and dreading to make. Brace yourselves. 🙂


Screen shot 2011-01-01 at PM 10.52.12


Screen shot 2011-01-05 at PM 01.56.08



Screen shot 2011-01-05 at AM 01.37.32




Screen shot 2011-01-05 at PM 01.25.17




It has been a super fun journey and I’m so blessed and have so many people to thank for these experiences so this is going to be really hard for me to say. I’ve given it much thought and it’s an emotional time for me as I’m about to give up everything I have here in Singapore in search of greener pastures.

Late last year, I applied to do a degree, Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion, my greatest love next to nails. It’s what i was busy with for a few months working on my portfolio, drawing sketching painting and spending late nights doing research camped out at my coveted Starbucks. Some of you got the hint from my Facebook and Twitter, some are still absolutely clueless about it. I have just received news of acceptance into the course and I can’t describe my joy and excitement to you! Of course here comes the bad news, my school is located in Australia, Melbourne. I will be relocating to Australia for the next three years and my scheduled date of departure is somewhere mid February which means i won’t be here to do nails anymore :'( I know it’s bad news to many of my regulars and brides but I’ve chosen my path and decided that I wish to do greater things in future and I hope to have the continuing support of my fans, readers and through this journey hope to gain even more supporters. I can only hope you lend me your support with your encouraging comments (if you’d like to leave some) and of course to keep reading my blog.

This blog will definitely still serve as a journal, bringing you along with me on this brand, new exciting journey. Growing with me while there will be fun times, stressful times and plenty other experiences that i’ll be more than happy to share on this space with you. Nails will NOT be out of the picture as it’s still my passion and I still intend to continue with my craft while I’m there (and i’ve come up with an ingenious solution so that brides and people who love my art still can enjoy them even while i’m over there. More of this in a later post) So this is NOT a goodbye!

I will be in Singapore until around the 13th/14th of February, I’ll definitely keep you posted on the dates. Operation will cease on the 11th of February, so this is the last chance you have to get your nails personally done by me girls. Do make your bookings very soon as festive season is around the corner and the lovely people who already know of my impending departure have booked their final nail sessions with me. :”((

I’d love to do your nails and see you one last time (or even 2 times) before I leave. I’d love to hear from you soon and if you’d like to send me tribute nail photos (Which i’ve already received some and will post up soon) or even words of encouragements (which i’ll greatly appreciate and love to have with me) please FLOOD MY INBOX at [email protected] or [email protected]

Very very very very very much love and lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses xoxo

Clara H