June 13, 2014

Clara H. Daily

Botanical Nails

I’ve always wanted to do some detailed botanical nails, and I finally got the chance with my super regular Tini when she asked for something along the same lines. I painted a different flower for every finger. My clients often ask me, what’s the most difficult or complex design I’ve done? I don’t get daunted by complex nail art because my mind has its own clockwork process, kind of hard to explain, but while I’m doing one particular step, I’m thinking of the next 3 steps and putting them in place. I guess it comes with all those years of experience and developing my own methodology and applying whatever produces the best results like¬†clear nails plus, the best product for your nails.

So here goes, some botanical nails.





I’m keen to try out more versions and styles of botanical nails, anyone keen?? I’ve also been working on new themed series of nail art that will appear on my blog and social networks very soon, so be sure to email me at [email protected] for any enquires or appointments!

xx Clara