March 18, 2012

Clara H. Daily

Breakfast, Coffee, and ViVi

Hello my peeps! I haven’t been on for about a week. 🙁 No internet = No life. But luckily, internet is coming on TUESDAY WHOOPPEEEEEE!!! (right now i’m just making use of the wifi at my partner’s workplace, insert <opportunist>, as i’ve been doing the last 4 weeks since having moved from Prahran into Melbourne city.

Just gonna update you with a random snippets of my life, just to prove that my life doesn’t revolve around JUST NAILS AND SCHOOLWORK HMPHF. haha i kid. Readers have been growing curious about my life in Melbourne, wondering what/how i’m doing here, writing to me asking me questions about where i am, how i am, what i’m doing, confirming if that’s ‘the guy’ i’m seeing. haha. I’ve always been pretty private about myself on my blog, always uncertain about how much of my life i should bare in a public portal But i shall bare, little by little about the random things i do as a fellow human being.

So just this morning, I was very kindly invited by my sexy boyfriend (haha. HUMOR YA’LL, HUMOR.) to breakfast at his workplace. Those who don’t already know, my guy is a chef, and we’ve moved into the building directly above his workplace. Very convenient as he literally can rock up to work 1 min prior to starting and most recently he walked down in socks. Yes, socks. Moving on! I had a very nice breakfast prepared by him as i sat by the bar sipping on my piccolo flipping through my March issue of ViVI, (for my international readers, it’s a rad japanese magazine i love to read) hence earning the title ‘lady of leisure’ because i spend all his money and live like i have nothing better to do in life. Hey, life is short! You got a boyfriend who cooks for a living and earns money, you drive him into slavery! Relationship 101 from Clara H. I’m just a really poor student but want to live the high life and make him buy expensive gifts for me all the time. OKAY I KID OKAY. WE’RE VERY NICE TO EACH OTHER AND WE LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH AND DO THINGS FOR EACH OTHER ALL THE TIME THANKS. He’s 100% supportive of me and my studies so he supports me in whatever way possible. 🙂

In other random updates, because i’m always late to catch on techy stuff like instagram and other fun apps that others use 3 years before i discover them, I’ve downloaded a deco app on my iphone and i’ve been having so much fun with it! Haha. You will tell from all my doctored photos. :p Photos of my brekkie, coffee and my clippings from my ‘newspaper’.


These are some snippets from ViVi, i’m so into these pastel shades these days, lilac, mint green, baby blues and pinks. These images are part of my inspirational mood board for my brief at Uni where we’re meant to design a range of Luxe Sportswear and my chosen palette is none other than eh-hem.. Le pastel palette. I will try to update you guys on the progression of my projects, when things are more concrete, just for the fun of it and hopefully will inspire you. I leave you with these pics for now. 😉




Vintage half moon manicures are going to come back in a huge, huge way.

My very gold, very glittery watermelon nails, grasping on to my piccolo for dear life.


Finally i leave you with an illustration of, ‘how to firm up your boobies’. heehee. Boobies.


See you soon!


Clara H