January 7, 2013

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Clara In Wonderland

Happy New Year!!! How has the new year been so far for you? It has been the same for me so far, don’t feel like anything drastic has changed, well at least not yet. =P I feel like I have gone through much personal growth in 2012, my second year of being in Melbourne, far away from home, family and my friends. I realize being away has changed me quite a lot, most especially in the creative department. Exposing myself to so many different art cultures, artists and submersing in a city where art and design is greatly appreciated by the masses has altered my creative process and journey.

Being here has given me so many opportunities to pick and choose whatever i’d like to do without any social pressure that I wouldn’t earn enough money or how people may judge me. Life is enjoyable here, being around people who are genuine, realistic, un-materialistic and having an attitude of taking no bullshit from anyone is shaping my personality as well. I used to worry all the time about what people would think if I did ‘this’ or ‘that’, now i just worry about if I like it or not. That’s the most important thing isn’t it? Finding your passions in life and making the most out of it. I’ve also learned how not to take any crap from anyone and just be my own person, be comfortable in my own skin. I believe i’ve come far enough on my own for anyone to hose my dreams and aspirations down. I’m also a lot calmer these days (though my bf would deeply disagree with me haha).


I did this set of nails last year and like it very much, gave me a good sense of satisfaction finishing it with the details and all. It’s an Alice In Wonderland theme and very popular these days.

I wish everyone all the best this spanking brand new year. Hope all your dreams and aspirations come true! This will be a HUGE  year for me being my final year at fashion school! Wish me luck! Now I have to go back to re-organizing my kitchen, we’ve spent the entire first week of new year re-arranging the layout of our apartment and i’m loving it at the moment. Feels like home.


Clara H