June 14, 2011

Clara H. Daily

Fashion Debut: WinterFlower

I deeply apologize for not having blogging sooner. I’d have blogged sooner, but i’ve been so busy i’ve brought a new meaning to the word.This is what i’ve been working so hard on for these past few months. This is part of my 2nd term project, to design and create a skirt based on the winter 2011 brief we were supplied with. The photo shoot was an added initiative of mine to bring my visual presentation to new heights. The skirt was designed based on the bringing sunshine to an otherwise usually cold, dark winter. I was portraying 70’s french chic with my styling. The carefree and independent woman. The top part of the skirt is tie-die denim, gold-rivets and the rest of the skirt is a beautiful flowy pleated cotton silk. Photo shoot happened at the Melbourne Botanical Gardens, and wouldn’t have happened without my awesome friends Katie P who did the awesome make-up AND hair fit for vogue styling (thank god for her), Matthew who was the photographer and post processed my photos. Skirt was made and designed by me, styling was done by me as well with a vintage 60’s mink coat (SUPER AWESOME FIND).

Enjoy. 🙂

DSC_6438 - Version 2









I will update posts of the work in progress as soon as i can. It’s been a crazy period for me and i wish i had time to stay and blog more about my experience here. Unfortunately i have heaps of assignments due and need to get back to them. Thanks for taking time to look at these photos. I’m really proud of them. 🙂 I’ll speak to you soon.


Clara H