September 11, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Gold Rush

I’m BACK! I’m trying very hard to keep up regular (almost) updates on the blog. It’s not easy juggling fashion school and a nail business, being very hands-on labor intensive activities! If you like to see even more regular updates, do follow me on Instagram, my username is Clarahnails. I usually post a new set of nails as soon I have my hands free at the salon, so you’ll see the FRESH, FRESHER, FRESHISHEST stuff there (haha) This set however, is one set I haven’t posted on Instagram HA HA see so it pays to be loyal and stalkerish if you follow me everywhere on blogs, social media and what have you.

This design was inspired by something off a nail magazine, Nail Max if i’m not wrong, these days my memory is worse than a goldfish. She got acrylic overlays, gold studs, and embossed nail art, the works. I like this client, she’s pretty badass but in a very cute way.

The weather is turning now in Melbourne, Spring is arriving and arriving quick and before you know it daylight savings is here. I love this weather, puts me in the mood for love. My personal chef is getting plenty of kisses, huggles and cuddles.

So s’cuse me while I continue working on uni work and have The Nanny in the background. I love that woman, god knows what we’d do without Fran Drescher. <3

<3 Clara H