December 27, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Harajuku Sweets

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year everyone!!! hehehe How was your Christmas?! Have you passed out yet from all the food and drinks and snacks from the festivities?? I am in a total holiday mood and have no motivation to get off my ass and work. Though i have to say I do enjoy what i do very much so it isn’t a pain at all hehe. I have posted this set of nails on Instagram previously but yet to blog it so here it is, absolutely in tune with the holiday season.. Sweets and more sweets Harajuku style!! I wish i was doing nails in Japan. Hmmm.. perhaps once I brush up my Japanese I WILL MOVE THERE. I LOVE YOU JAPAN AND ALL YOUR CRAZINESS.

Ice cream cones, Dango (a japanese riceballs on a stick dessert), cupcakes, macaroons, crepes what else can you spot? This set is a sculptured acrylic extension base and the 3d bits are all sculpted and made on the spot with a brush. They are not stick-ons mind.

I can’t wait to be back in Singapore! So many bookings, so many ladies, so many different sets of nail art yo!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Do me proud ladies and go all the way out!!


Clara H