August 7, 2012

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Hayley Hughes’ Nails

I recently received an email from Hayley of FashionHayley enquiring about getting some nail art done. HOW EXCITING IT WAS FOR ME! You have no idea, no seriously. She’s one of Australia’s prominent fashion bloggers and stylist to countless fashion editorials. So we fixed up a date and she (based in Sydney) swung by for a little nail session with me here in Melbourne. We both discussed how much we love alternative nail art, she’s OBSESSED with all things Japanese so we had to get something worthy of upping her Harajuku street-cred. I had to do some sculptured acrylic nails on her just to expand the canvas for a little more nail art. Design wise she mentioned how much she freaking loves eyeballs and the Japanese store Nadia in Harajuku. We also referenced a couple of nail designs from my current favorite nail people in Japan Disco Tokyo, always coming up with AMAZING nail designs. I <3

I have a little collaboration going on now with Hayley on her blog (for you melbournites and those who happen to be here of course) so goooooo checccck it ouuuuut. It’s a little too good to be true. THE DEAL IS HERE. And it only works if you quote a little code. 🙂

A typical Nadia styled Harajuku girl. Its all a bit random, a little mad and a lot of awesome. Photo from Tokyo Fashion

Hayley’s SUPER random crazy awesome nails, I <3

Speaking to Hayley made us realize we are/were from the same fashion school! What a hell of a coincidence. We discussed everything fashion and nail related, that being bitchy and scornful in the fashion business is pointless and rather stupid and immature. I agree 100%. I always say if you have the goods, you never have to talk shit to make sure people notice you. In this day and age in technology, if you’re good, you will be noticed. Like my illustration lecturer (her work is goddamn amazing btw) Rebecca Wetzler that i met today on my first day back at school, she dropped a little gem. “You can’t polish a piece of turd to shine.” She used it in a different context, but I love that I could use it here haha.

ANYWAY. I have to go make some dinner and do some other bothersome things usually only housewives do.

Clara H xxxxxxx