August 9, 2012

Clara H. Daily

If I Reared A Leopard, It Would Be In Shades Of Pastel.

So. About my obsession with all things pastel, first things first, I’ve been obsessed with these over the top, girly as hell mutant colors WAYYYY before it even became a trend. I don’t know what is it about mixing white to a color that makes me flutter inside, flap my hands to fake dry my tears like a beauty queen and literally draws me to the pastel section in any part of shop. Yet despite my obsession with lemon drop yellow and mint green stripes on fairy floss pink, I have never really considered myself a girly girl (Oh shockers!) I was raised by a rather un-girly mother, not that she was feminist (actually I suspect she was in her own little way) and didn’t wear skirts, but let’s just say that i’ve never had a pink room, wore a plastic tiara or played with barbie dolls.

Perhaps it’s a childhood complex of mine, liking the things I never got as a child. Or much to her horror refusing to conform to the normalities of a Singaporean girl. Go to a famous (labelled) school, get good grades, get into University, date the elite boys from Uni get a flat, get married, and give her grandkids by the time i was 25. Instead, (horrors of horrors) I dropped out of art school at 17, got into the nail scene and haven’t stopped since then. I dated the worst of guys, got my heart shattered countless times despite her motherly warnings and am happily raising a cat as if it were my child at the ripe old age of 28. But you know what? I’m happy. Well i mean my life isn’t perfect but i’d say i’m happy i took the paths i chose, learnt many things the hard way and i’m pretty happy with myself and state of mind at the moment thank you very much.

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Pardon me, that was my cat, Mochi attempting to blog for me there. She typed it in and i thought it looked pretty cute so i left it there.

Back to nails, I constantly recommend my clients pastel shades, you know, just to feed my obsession. These below are Valerie’s nails. She’s a well known beauty blogger in the Melbourne beauty scene and blogs at Ponikuta and her post on the nails I previously did for her is Here. These nails were done in a gel polish.

These are nails of another lovely client of mine, also lovin’ the pastels. Nails were sculptured acrylic and painted with regular Essie polish.

The biggest challenge for me to counter those pastel ‘tendencies’ would come in the form of a brief i’m currently working on right now at school. The set theme in the brief is designing a collection based on either Utopia or the complete opposite, Dystopia. I know i would naturally lean towards Utopia because i’m loving colors, but this semester i’m thinking of getting more in touch with my dark side. My lecturer told me it’s much easier to express and depict darkness and dystopia but i beg to differ. It’ll be a bit of a challenge to step out of my ‘pastel’ colored comfort zone. We’ll see.

Till then.

Clara H xx