December 17, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Killer Stiletto Harajuku Nails And The Naked Truth

In case you aren’t quite well informed about nail trends, ‘stiletto’ shaped nails are a rather on-trend thing or has been for a little while now thanks to those lovely Japanese fashionistas. The extreme ones you see in Japan are seriously pointed, but because we still need to live like a normal human being and not be charged for assault and causing harm with our nails, I sculpted this set a tad bit blunt. For the faint-hearted, of course the shape diffuses into the oval or ‘almond’ shapes which is pretty much what we see on Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Rihanna and the likes. Hollywood never got there first I tell you. Bah. This set was sculpted acrylic extensions with some mixed media nail art, 3D and 4D deco with painted ribbon strips. Lasted her a good 4 weeks by the way.

I know most may think ‘Ooooh hell no! That’s too much for me. How do you clean your bum or do anything with those nails??’

Let me tell you first and foremost, in my crazy world of nail art, there’s never too much. It’s a visual art form and minimalist is BORING and defeats the purpose of my very existence and extensive training.

Second, you CAN do things with those nails, I would say the only thing you need to get used to is the length. The extra bits on top hardly bothers you and contrary to popular belief, they don’t actually fall off easily. It just the science and method behind how I use a killer combination of acrylic and glue to have her come back with everything intact.

Third, if you’re one of those who whines about how ‘Acrylics/gels extensions hurt my nails!’ I will soon reveal a truth so shocking it will change your lives. Ok that’s an exaggeration but it’ll be enough for you to go Oooooohhhh really? Wow it ISN’T the acrylics! I have been doing nails for 11 years to this date and i have not once had a client with their acrylics done and infilled and removed repeatedly by me, complain that their nails feel raw/sensitive/hurt/paper thin. Mmmhmm. True story.

Now that i’ve made a few points clear, shoot me with any questions you still may have! I will continue discussing this topic in the next post as i’m about to go to the park and get some exercise instead of turning into a flabby fat nerd or so my mum reckons.


Clara H

P.S I didn’t get to go to the zoo today because we dilly dally-ied around too much at home this morning. :/ But we’re going tomorrow! SWEEEEEET.