July 29, 2010

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Let’s Rock and Holla!!!

Did a super ‘heavy metal’ set of nails. Heavy in every sense of the word.

Here is a step by step process of how i made these amazing nails happen.

First, make the extensions.

There you go. Natural sculptured extensions. (This length is exceptional of course, due to the nature of the intended design as you will see for yourselves soon.)

Next, the favorite step! BLING IT. Client had a special request to do this theme on her nails, so I had to specially source for the appropriate parts.

Oh hello rocker.

Couple of days later my client sent this in..

This is some serious 日本スタイル! Gorgeous girl!

So if you get nailed at Clara H Nails, remember to send a nice picture in and it will be posted up!

Good night all!

Ta~ Your Nail Guru