September 3, 2012

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Mary Katrantzou Floral Nails

Hi there peeps! Happy Monday eh! Hope this chases your Monday blues away.

So. Following the Fashion Hayley X Clara H Nails deal only in Melbourne (still not too late for you to catch on, you have about 3 weeks left) HEAPS of clients came in with crazy ideas on the stuff they wanted painted on their nails. Who wouldn’t with such a sweet deal? This set was inspired by the floral print genius Mary Katrantzou’s Spring 2011 collection where it was an absolute mish-mash of florals layered on baroque/art deco style florals layered on grandma curtain florals. Its an absolute feast for the eyes. I do love this set very much considering the time and effort put into creating 10 different floral textures. I just wish someone could do them on ME.

A visual idea that inspired the nails to follow in this post. This image is in case you live under an anti-fashion rock. Nothing wrong with that i say. And I took this image from Madamoisellelek

Couldn’t resist photoshopping a filter over this photo. Instagram does things to your head, ya know? Mind control I think.

Peace Out Homies!

Clara H xx