June 21, 2011

Clara H. Daily, Fashion

My Love is Blind Alexander, Can’t You See My Desire?

Okay before i post any photos, i’ll have to say, the theme of this entry is.. ALEXANDER MCQUEEN SKULL PRINT NAILS!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE-O-WEEEEEEET!!! Forgive my enthusiasm for it’s truly badass and i love that my client requested for them. BADASS NAILS!!! I’ve actually taken a breather from the mountain of assignments i have to do so i can quickly share this with all my nail fans. If you don’t love this, GO AWAY!!! There’s something seriously wrong with you then!!!







Base color i’ve used a Zoya polish in Raven, skulls are painted in by yours truly 😀

ANYHOO, BACK TO SCHOOL WORK. GOSH i can’t wait for the holidays!!! To my lovely client from Canberra, you’re gonna rock quiet Canberra with these insane and utterly mental nails!!


Clara H