April 14, 2015

Clara H. Daily

Nail art in Melbourne cbd

Hi everybody! Clara H Nails has now officially moved into Melbourne CBD as your new nail art place in the city! Check out my new space located at level 3, 313 little collins street, Melbourne city. With this announcement comes a few new additions to the menu such as a 90s throwback french tip extension (which is now on a 2 for one sale available at my booking page) as well as sculptured gel extensions!

This suite shares the 3rd floor with some other great services! One of which I would highly recommend is Tokyo Lashes by Asao. If you are keen to get some really good quality lashes with your nails at the same time, do check out Tokyo Lashes as she has online booking available at your convenience as well. I’ve gotten my lashes done by her and they were fabulous! She has also brought in coloured lashes, so you can have your lashes in various pastel colours if you’re up for an eyelash adventure.




Aren’t you excited to get your nail art in Melbourne CBD with me?? If you stay tuned to all my social media handles, there will be some good deals coming your way frequently!

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  What do you think of my cute little space?? Leave me a comment to tell me if you liked it! xx Clara H