February 28, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Fashion

Nails In Melbourne Part 2

I’m back!! And because you’ve all been so good and supportive, I have a mini part 2 post for you. Well, part 2 because the pictures i’m about to show you deserve a post of their own. And also because it’s all about Chanel inspired nails! These sets were all done from scratch and designed on the spot as my special girls INSISTED on getting the double Cs on their nails. So here’s their pretty pretty nails.

I’m actually really proud of my Singaporean girls who are really adventurous in terms of nail art. Don’t get me wrong, Melburnians love their nail art too, but practicality comes first to mind for them, and also, there aren’t many places that can provide such specialized nail art services, probably at the very most a leopard/zebra/polka dot print here and there. I certainly hope through my work they’d get to know that they too can have awesome and super long lasting nails in Melbourne!




Oooooh very pretty yes? Hope you enjoyed this rather short but pretty post! I’ll be back soon with more!

Much Love!

Clara H