March 5, 2012

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Nails In Melbourne Part 3

Has it already been a week?! Good golly gosh me. Time really flies! Here’s the Nails in Melbourne part 3 and also the final part of my photo roll of nails i’ve done during the time i was in Singapore. Virtual life sucks right now as i’m relying on an internet connection from a bar. Yes, i’m blogging from a bar and have been with the past posts, since the efficiency of telecommunication companies here are… :X Anyhow, give me props for dedication!

I’ve been trying to readjust to starting uni again after a good long 3 month break. Really tough I must say juggling uni and my business. 4 days at uni, 2 days at the salon, 7 days of continual, ongoing work on personal and work projects. PLUS i’ve only just moved and yet to completely unpack. I die.

There’s so much i want to share with everyone! Have been up to a lot of naughty, having magazine peeps coming over to spy on my work at the salon, setting up photo shoots for Tsumiki + Clara H Nails projects, recently also hosting a beauty bloggers event at Tsumiki where all the ladies in the beauty blogosphere received a lot of love for their hair and nails, with the latest and most exclusive to us in hair and my specialized nail services of course! All that will come in later posts as i collate the photos and videos for you special people!

With Uni, I’ve just received my project brief and i’m really excited to share with all with you as i progress through my design concepts and inspirations! All in the next few posts so keep checking back!

I am now VERY BLOATED from some super awesome indian food i had for dinner. Garlic naan and butter chicken mmmmmmm. I’ll leave you to savor these lovely photos while i potter off back home to pack my very, very, very untidy storeroom study. :X








Screen shot 2012-03-06 at AM 01.21.10

Much Love!!!!

Clara H