December 16, 2012

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Snakeskin Bride

Okay so it’s not snakeskin but it’s this lady’s wallet in the backdrop. I remember her to be a really funky bride who went all out for her nails.

As you can see (my regular readers) I have tweaked my blog some areas obvious, some not so. But it’s all for the betterment of your viewing pleasure. Of course i’m also aware that I need to provide more content and post regularly! I’m working on that I promise! This website never leaves my mind! My homepage carries more posts in miniscule form so you can click on the ones you are interested in, i’ve added an archive section for better navigation and most importantly i’m officially about to start sharing my personal and uni projects in this space. I’ve deliberated over that for a long time now because i wasn’t sure if i should start a new blog with just my personal works but i’ve come to the conclusion that everything I do is personal to me and it is all Clara H so what better way than to just share everything here! At least i’ve heaps more content to blog about now hehe :p Welcome to my design world!

I’m going to the Melbourne Zoo tomorrow and i’m pretty psyched! So i’ll leave you with this mini post and i’ll be back tomorrow. I promise.


Clara H