March 3, 2013

Clara H. Daily, Nails

Such A Girly Skeleton

Its been too long guys! I’m finally back in Melbourne, back in school and back in the general business of it all. Been back in Singapore and visited Bali which was lovely but I shan’t show you pictures of my 3 layered belly. I will however continually update pics of nails and other things i’ve been up to.

I meant to blog while I was in Singapore but didn’t bring my laptop (but got a spanking new one, 15 inch macbook pro retina display 512 mb solid state drive, FUCK YES.) and figured i blog but i’m not a blogger so what the hell, i’ll just blog when i’m back in Melbourne and deep seeded into my comfort zone.

I’m very active on Instagram, so if you’d like to stalk me you’re welcome to do so at Username: Clarahnails

These nails were possibly the coolest thing i’d designed on nails. I haven’t seen them anywhere on the net when i designed them, but they’ve popped up here and there since (not that i’m saying i invented this shit and all that but there’s no such thing as an original idea anymore). I’m talking about painting skeletons. Painted a couple and even managed to jazz it up with ribbons. I REALLY WANT TO MAKE A PRINT/TSHIRT OUT OF THIS. If I did would you buy it? The tags are the girl’s initials by the way.