April 2, 2012

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Violet And Bergamot

Hi lovelies!

How has everyone been? Is it a busy period of time for you? It certainly is for me! Never-ending projects and assessments out to kill me.

So anyway, recently I was part of an event at Tsumiki (the salon i’m working with right now if you don’t already know) :p It was a beauty bloggers’ event organized to promote the salon services as well as my specialized nail services to the famed beauty bloggers in Melbourne! I will do an elaborate post on that one (I am making a mental note of how many back dated posts i owe my blog. haha) It will come. I promise. Anyhooooo, I got to know this beyond lovely blogger, Violet at www.violetlebeaux.com who mainly blogs and makes videos about little beauty/fashion/craft DIY projects! I got to take care of her rather battle-worn nails with a fresh new set of acrylics and nail art surrounding the theme of her mascot, Bergamot, a rabbit that apparently used to work in a teashop. How cute is that?? I’ll let pictures do the talking for now.

Bergamot!!! How cute is this lop-sided eared bunny! I can’t believe Violet made this little plushie herself, and even hand-stitched her little V logo on Bergamot’s bunny foot!





Last but not least, lovely Violet whom i’m meeting up with this Thursday for brunch! We are discussing collaboration ideas and brainstorming what kind of tutorials we can film. So do tell us what you’d like to see/DIY on your own! Nails(I’m sure some of you out there would like to know my secrets!!) , hair (i have a secret hair styling talent, i do a mean hairstyle), i can SEW. Let us know your curiosities, it’ll help us plan our videos out better!


That’s all for tonight folks, excuse me while i go curl up in a ball and recuperate from this super tough week. I have the next 2 weeks off from school but still have tons of work stacked on my head and shoulders, knees and toes.

I will be right back really soon with more updates!


Clara H