March 9, 2013

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What Kind Of A Fighter Are You?

Hi peeps! Here are some very very vulgar nails i did last year. The irony is that they started out nice and sweet, like, ‘i want icecream, cotton candy and my boyfriend’s initials’ turned full on nails straight out of the gutter. At least no one can accuse me of never having done them before…

SO with vulgarities, it’s a really weird thing for me. I’m not a prude or a goody-two-shoes claiming to never use vulgarities, but if i get into an argument and my boyfriend uses vulgarities on me in the heat of the moment, i go absolutely BATSHIT INSANE. I use them, but usually in jest or just to bitch about something/someone who pissed me off amongst close friends. Ya’know, just for fun, no harm intended. But the moment it’s used on me in an abusive way, i take it as a slap across the face and i tell ya bitch, leash me and tie me down cuz I WILL CUT YOU oh yes honey i will.

I do like to be civil in an argument, it may be caustic dripping with sarcasm type fight but i won’t whip those vulgarities out. Unless perhaps when I was 16 and a wannabe teen gangsta, or torturing my kid sister heh heh heh. So what kind of a fighter are you? Passive aggressive? Full on aggressive? Defensive? Or just plain wanting to keep the peace?

Anyway dropping us back into civility, the only fights i have these days is with time, which i wish i had more of. It’s crazy already how time has just flown right by and i’m in my 3rd week back at school and in another 2 weeks i have an essay due. *CUE VULGARITY*


Peace out and night night everyone.


Clara H