November 18, 2011

Clara H. Daily

What On Earth Have You Been Up To Clara Hwang?

Well here’s an answer to everyone, old readers or new, who’s been wondering what on earth I’ve been doing Down Under. Well being in fashion school takes up plenty of your time, being in a top Australian fashion school is another matter altogether. It calls for 100% dedication, hard-work and there are absolutely no short-cuts. They throw insane amounts of projects and work at you, so you can eventually cope with this infamously known to be tough industry. I’ve managed to survive my first year and i can say i’m lovin’ it! Even if it’s sheer insane hard work that calls for sleepless nights, emotional outbursts, a catty attitude (trust me when you’re this busy, you DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO TALK CRAP TO YOU), and mostly just binging on comfort foods and traumatizing your pet (if you have one).

I am very blessed with a partner who has been 200% positive and supportive with my choices and work and makes me thank my lucky stars for having him in my otherwise lonely and busy life here. I know i haven’t paid much attention to my blog and i keep saying i would, but it is a commitment and its not a commitment i can keep up with my schedule! Luckily for you (last few remaining readers who still bother to read my blog haha) I’m officially off uni for the next 3.5 months and will definitely be putting more effort into this space! It’s such a shame since i’m always inspired and keep telling myself (have to blog!) but never end up showing you wonderful things that inspire me!

So here it is, a short photo roll of my fashion illustration sketches in progress, inspirations from the state library exhibition, garments i made, modeling for fellow schoolmates etc. ๐Ÿ™‚















And my latest pride and joy, a jacket that i’ve managed to reconstruct out of a vintage kimono fabric that was in tatters. Made a pair of scallop edged shorts and a beautiful silk shantung blouse with button and loop details. This is how ladies in my opinion, should dress. I for one, cannot tolerate anymore ‘blogshop’ style clothing. Life is short and too beautiful to be wearing cheap disgusting crap ‘designed’ by ‘aspiring’ fashion bloggers. Just watching people pull at their hemlines, or a badly fitted zip, or constantly fiddling with their garment straps or unnecessary appendage they call decoration is disturbing. I’ve been there, done that. I know. ย Wearing good clothing doesn’t mean you have to be fashion forward all the time. It just means owning quality classic pieces you can always work with and fits your body shape. Appreciate the design and the make of a garment. The thought process that goes into a well made garment will consist of a good concept, quality fabrics and workmanship. Every detail should count.






I will be back to blog about what i’ve been up to nails wise! Stay tuned! ;D


Clara H